TCA AN/PRC 152A(UV) Tactical CS Military MBITR 10W IPX7 VHF UHF Multifunction Portable Walkie Talkie Sister Harris TRI PRC 152-in Walkie Talkie from Cellphones & Telecommunications

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TCA AN/PRC-152A(UV) Tactical CS Military MBITR 10W IPX7 VHF UHF Multifunction Portable Walkie Talkie Sister Harris TRI PRC-152 Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Brand Name ABBREE
Model Number TCA AN/PRC-152A(UV)
Walkie Talkie Type Portable
Battery Capacity(mAh) 10000
Is_Display Yes
Maximum Range 5km-10km
Output Power(w) 5w-10w
Waterproof / Water-Resistant IP45
Dimensions 256*70*40mm (excluding antenna)
Storage Channel 128 Memory Channels
Material Aluminum
Frequency Range 134-174 / 400-480MHz (RX/TX)
Output Power 5w
Duplex Work Mode Dual Receiving Dual Display
CTSS/DCS scan function VOX function
Battery 4 x 18650 Batteries (12000mAh)
IPX7 waterproof
IP-X7 shockproof
IP X7 dustproof
Sister Harris PRC-152

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product description


TCA AN/PRC-152A(UV) IPX7 Army Tactical CS UV Dual Band Military MBITR Aluminum Walkie Talkie Ham Radio PRC 152

The models strive to do the design of IPX7 the three anti waterproof, shockproof, dustproof.



1:1 Size fully replica, Dot-matrix LCD screen with the original product the same principle

Battery work by 4 x 18650 Batteries (10000mAh)

Full-function operating button

Stainless steel 6-pin original PRC-152 connector

CNC Metal Made

combinable with Real Military Mic and Headset/ PTT.

1: Working Mode

- FM: 87-108MHZ (Receive)

- VHF: 136-174.995MHZ ( Receive / transmitting )

- UHF1: 400-470.995MHZ ( Receive / transmitting )

2: Work mode: frequency mode, channel mode

3: FM radio digital tuner

4: Dual-band point

5: U/U, the V/V, and the U/V, and the V/U-dual segment by: optionally

6: any band dual-frequency point waiting

7: DTMF dual-tone multi-frequency signaling systems

8: Remote, on-site, a distress signal transmitter coordinates

9: Group call, group call, selective call

10: Inspections, monitoring, remote halo, remote killing function

11: 50 set of standard CTCSS, 105 DCS

12: Launch the mute and receive mute separate set

13: Transmit power, low two tranches during the launch press ALARM key can be arbitrarily switched transmit power size

14: Launch timeout limit

15: a variety of power-saving mode

16: VOX Mode

17: Channel busy embargoed

18: Low electro-acoustic and light tips

19: Automatic backlight

20: Auto / manual keypad lock

21: emission backlight color adjustable

22: Receive backlight color adjustable

23: Standby backlight color adjustable

24: Three-channel display mode (freuency, channel number, the name of the channel)

25: ANI identity code (incoming call display)

26: DTMF sidetone switch (automatic code-fat, keyboard send code automatically + keyboard send code)

27: PTT-ID function (optional Press PTT issued yards, release the PTT hair code, press the release can be sent code)

28: variety of Mute way (mute, mute and optional signaling, mute plus optional signaling)

29: optional frequency mode frequency difference direction

30: Menu direct function digital keyboard

31: frequency, channel, menu items quick search function

32: channel parameters in the frequency mode editing storage

33: 128 storage channel

34: scrambler function (the transceiver frequency inversion)

35: U/V span transceiver access inter-segment relay function

36. Output Power 5W


Package Includes:

- Walkie-talkie ( Encrypt Version ) x1

- Use Model.18650 Battery x4 ((12000mAh)

- AC Adapter x1

- Rubber Functional Antenna Set x1