Mechanical keyboard retro keycaps Cheese 104 keycaps Taihao double shot ABS Granite Dolch keycap OEM-in Keyboards from Computer & Office

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Mechanical keycap retro keycaps 104 keycaps Taihao double shot ABS Granite Dolch keycap OEM Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Brand Name NIZ
Type Wired
Keyboard Standard 104 Keys
Application Tablet
Application Desktop
Application Laptop
Operation Style Mechanical
Language English
Style Mini
Style Waterproof
Style Ergonomics
Style Standard
Interface Type USB
Interface Type PS/2
Interface Type Bluetooth
Wrist Support No
Model Number Taihao double shots
Full Size keyboard No
Package Yes
Products Status Stock
Mechanical Keyboard No

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Keycaps only !!! Not Keyboards !!!

Keycap Manufacturer        : Taihao Taiwan
Keycap Material                : ABS
Keycap Printing Method    : Double Shot Injection
Keycap Profile                   : OEM Profile
104/87 ANSI  Layout 


Options: We offer different keycap sets . Customers pls read carefully and choose the set you want. Pls Note these are only keycap sets, NOT keyboards. The keyboard pictures are only for references !!!

Thank you for your time and cooperations ! Hope you enjoy the shopping and keycaps !!

Available keycap sets listings:

1.  Dolch 104 key set;

2. Granite 104 key set;

3. Cheese white 104 key set;


Pictures of the keycaps:
1. Dolch 104 key set;

2. Granite 104 key set;

3. Cheese white 104 key set;