MKS SBASE + MKS TFT32 V4.0 display 3D printer controller kits integrated Microcontroller ARM Cortex smoothieboard Smoothieware-in 3D Printer Parts & Accessories from Computer & Office

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MKS SBASE + MKS TFT32 V4.0 display 3D printer controller kits integrated Microcontroller ARM Cortex smoothieboard Smoothieware Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Brand Name Makerbase
Item Type Motherboard
Model Number MKS SBASE V1.3+MKS TFT32 V4.0
For Reprap,CNC,cutter laser,3d printer,carving machine
Name:   Smoothieboard MKS SBASE V1.3 
Packing List
1pcs * MKS SBASE  V1.3
1pcs * MKS TFT32 V4.0
3pcs * Endstop
1pcs * USB
1pcs * Flat cable
1pcs * Screwdriver
  • Support highly modular open source firmware Smoothieware. Easy to edit config.txt file. No  complicate firmware editing necessary.
  • Fully supports network functionality. Besides the regular USB connection an Ethernet network cable can be connected directly to a network for browser control. Board IP address can be configure in config.txt.
  • Setcurrent directly on config ,protect  driver or potentiometer from getting burned when adjust the current.
  • This circuit board with high-quality 4-layer and better heatsink.
  • Using a dedicated power supply chip, stably ensure power output.  (Please note that MKS SBASE can't work with OLED12864 and LCD2004 displMore features as following
































 How to use


1.Copy “firmware.bin” and “config” from config file to SD card (SD smaller than 64Gb).
  Need to change config name .

For example:

Change  21  into   23

2. Adjust config.txt according to the configuration .

3.Refer to MKS-SBASE PIN , make correction connection. Such as stepper motor ,endstops.

4.Plug the SD card to the board, after power on, it will automatic update .

5.If connect computer with USB, need to install the driver (Refer to below specification ).


Install the Driver

First, you should upload the zip file.

Then, plug the USB  to computer . Next, enter device manger .

Then will turn up COM after  install successfully.


Download  Firmware and Update

Copy configuration (including firmware.bin and config.txt) to SD card, insert to the board and power on,

it will automatic update .

After successful updated, the file name will turn into firmware.cur.





rated current









Name: MKS TFT32 Touch Screen


MKS TFT32 is a colorful touch screen which is used independently on 3d printer.

This display is no need to set mainboard firmware and work together directly.

And it is easy to replace into your logo and edit your local language.

Also, it is available to self-define some commands .

Attention: MKS TFT32 can’t work with Ramps1.4.


More features as follows:


























How to assemble with mainboard.

Set the baud rate, ensure both  TFT and controller board are the same.


1.MKS Series mainboards


Flash firmware to mainboard .( TFT display has updated latest config inside already).

Connect TFT display to AUX-1 of the board.

No need to configure on board firmware,they will work together directly after wire.

The boards need a external 12V power supply.



2.Firmware Update

Please copy following documents to the root of SD card.

(Please don’t edit the documents name.)

mks_pic        mks_config        mkstft28

Then, plug the SD card to the TFT and power on. It  will update automatically.








4.Bed Leveling


Auto Leveling

After the machine assembles with a bed leveling controller, then run leveling on TFT interface.

#The command of auto leveling (G29 is available for Marlin.

While G32 is for  Repetier and Smoothieware)



Manual Leveling

Manual leveling is good for MB,i3 etc machines. It is available to set 3,4,5 point .

#The point number of manual leveling:(3,4,5 point available)





5.Filament Replace

It is easy to replace the filament when it runs out.

You are able to set temperature and the speed of filament in-out on config.

As following:

#the speed of filament replacing(mm/min)



#the length of filament replacing(mm)



#the min temperature of filament replacing



Then, here is the steps to replace filament.

1).On printing
2).Before start printing


6.Print from Breakpoint

TFT has a one of the excellent features is able to print from Breakpoint.

Below is the way to do it.

Firstly, set target temperature of extruder and heated bed, and then preheat.

Secondly, when preheat ready, go home .(Notice: if power off happens during operating printing from breakpoint, please must home .)

Thirdly, move extruder to the breakpoint which is available to set allowable error.

#Breakpoints continued playing Z-axis error setting


Fourth, click set, and then click Continue(Means Print from Breakpoint).

After that, choose the file you want.

(If  you pause the printing, and turn the printer off,

then it will resume to print from the pause point after power on.)




7.Filament Outage Detecting

Connect detecting switch to PB1 of TFT.

Set configuration to trigger low level or high level available.

 #the level signal of outage detection module PB1(low level:0; high level:1)





8. Auto off after Print Finishes

Enable this function on config,and  take concerted with PWC switch.

#whether set machine auto-off after print finishes(auto-off:1; NO:0)








MKS TFT supports WIFI remote control. Please set configurations.

As follow:

#wifi mode(AP:1; STA:2)



#wifi name and password




#Dynamic access IP










10.WiFi Wiring on TFT







11.User-Defined Function