110 240V JEBO UVC UV Sterilizer Lamp UV H7 7W Wattage Light Ultraviolet Filter Clarifier Water Cleaner For Aquarium Pond Coral-in Filters & Accessories from Home & Garden

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110-240V JEBO UVC UV Sterilizer Lamp UV-H7 7W Wattage Light Ultraviolet Filter Clarifier Water Cleaner For Aquarium Pond Coral Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Type Fish
Power 7W
Voltage you can choose


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Product Name:Jebo UV lamp

Model length

UV-H5W 185mm
UV-H7W 185mm
UV-H9W 210mm
UV-H11W 230mm
UV-H13W 280mm
UV-H18W 280mm
UV-H24W 365mm
UV-H36W 460mm
[Product Description:]
1. the ultraviolet sterilizer can effectively control the bacteria and pathogens in the cylinder which cause water quality deterioration and biological lesions.
2. this sterilizer is suitable for tropical, temperate, frigid zone and sea water tanks.
3. easy to use, can effectively clean the cylinder water
4. will not destroy the ecological and biological filter system in the cylinder to destroy the new direct tube design, no dead position, the enhancement of bactericidal algae removal capacity is prepared with two pairs of crude inlet and outlet, suitable for the use of rough pipes and young pipes.
Small knowledge:
Because UV lamps are mainly aimed at damaging the DNA, the use of UV lamps must absolutely avoid direct exposure to any fish or weeds!
The way to use the 1.UV lamp must be in the sealed container, and the lower the flow intensity, the better the effect!
2. main uses for germicidal: bacteria, mold, virus, lice, flea, flea, algae, fungi, algae, planktonic and white line insects... And so on, use the length of time to see you use the object, of course, the more slow the water is better, generally 2 days can be effective, but a sort of spores need a little longer!!
3. there is a saying that... UV will oxidize the liquid fertilizer in the water grass, so it is suggested that three hours after adding liquid fertilizer can not open UV!
4. people say that nitrifying bacteria will kill nitrifying bacteria, in fact, as long as the cells can cause disease, it will reduce reproduction, but because the presence of nitrifying bacteria is mostly in the bottom sand or the biochemical cotton of the filter, so the problem of the nitrification system will not be worried!
5. actually UV and the function of the ozone machine is very similar, but one is indirect, one is direct!! but the impact of UV on the overall environment is small, and O3 is a strong oxidizer, the use of bare cylinder is better!! all the same has the effect of fish disease, but mainly with the "maintenance" fish bowl ecology.
6. say a spore: some bacteria or protozoa will degenerate into the sporac when the environment is bad, so the best time for sterilizing is of course, when the system is super normal, so it is good to use it when three is not five!
70 million do not take the fish directly unless you want to improve the fish only, but some players find that the fish that are directly irradiated can only be infertile and the offspring are deformed.