Music Tesla Coil Music Tesla Coil Plasma Loudspeaker-in Air Conditioner Parts from Home Appliances

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Music Tesla Coil Music Tesla Coil Plasma Loudspeaker Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Type Air Conditioner Parts

Volume: long 68mm width 68mm high 150mm (excluding discharge electrode)

The power adapter

VoltageInput: ~100-240V/50-60Hz

Output: DC32V, 1600mA

Video link:

Windmill video demonstration:



Products include: coil, power, 3.5mm audio pair wiring.

No need for grounding, plug and play.

Raise working voltage to 32V, more efficient and lower calorimeter.


All products can work continuously for a long time..


Matters needing attention:


1.Please install discharge electrode before power on..


2, when working, you can't touch the electrode directly with your hands, it will burn the skin.The coil can not be touched by the conductor, and the coil will be damaged by the arc.


3. When the coil is working, it will interfere with the surrounding electronic products. Please pay attention to the environmental requirements.


4, do not use coils in flammable and explosive environments.