5pcs CE Approved 2P DC 1000V SPD 20 40kA DC Surge Suppressors/ DC Surge Protector for Solar System Protection-in Circuit Breakers from Home Improvement

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5pcs CE Approved 2P DC 1000V SPD 20-40kA DC Surge Suppressors/ DC Surge Protector for Solar System Protection Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Model Number SY-SPD2-1000V
is_customized Yes
Type Mini
Rated voltage: Un 1000Vdc/Uc 1300Vdc
Current In(KA) 20A Imax(KA):40A
Poles Number 2P(DC+,DC-,GND)
Contact Position Indication ON/OFF/TRIP
Color Orange
Up <=2.8KV


 2P 1000V DC Surge Protector Device 20KA-40KA House Surge Protector Protective Low-voltage Arrester Device

This surge protector mainly used light volt power distribution system of lightning surge protection or other transient overvoltage. Products built for high voltage dc power supply overheating over-current protection function, can provide grade C for photovoltaic (pv) power system transient protection. Products using 35 mm DIN rail installation, module can change independently, easy to install and maintain, with remote communication alarm interface (dry contact), surge protector to facilitate remote monitoring.


Technical parameters


Nominal PV System Voltage 500V/600V 1000V 1200V
MCOV [UCPV] 630Vdc/700v 1170Vdc 1200Vdc
Max System Discharge Current (8/20 µs) [lmax] 40kA 40kA 30kA
Voltage Protection Level [UP] ≤2.5kV ≤4.0kV ≤4.5kV
Voltage Protection Level at 5kA [UP] ≤2.0kV ≤3.5kV ≤4.0kV
Integrated Fuse Breaking Capacity/Interrupting Rating 30kV/1000Vdc 30kV/1000Vdc 30kV/1200Vdc
Technology Short-Circuit Interruption (SCI) Overcurrent Protection
Operating Temperature Range [TU] −40℃ to +80℃
Nominal Discharge Current (8/20 µs) [(DC+/DC−)­­> PE] [In] 12.5kA
Response Time [tA] <25ns
Operating State/Fault Indication Green (good)/Red(replace)
Conductor Ratings and Cross­Sectional Area: Minimum 60/70℃ 1.5mm⊃2;/14AWG Solid/Flexible
Maximum 60/70℃ 35mm⊃2;/2AWG Stranded/25mm⊃2;/4AWG Flexible
Mounting 35mm DIN Rail per EN 60715
Enclosure Material UL 94V0 Thermoplastic
Degree of Protection IP20
Capacity 3 Modules, DIN 43880
Standards Information: IEC 61643­11 Type 2,IEC 61643­1 Class II
Product Warranty Five Years**


Remote Contact Signaling

Remote Contact Signaling Type Changeover Contact
AC Switching Capacity (Volts/Amps) 250V/0.1A
DC Switching Capacity (Volts/Amps) 250V/0.1A; 125V0.2A; 75V/0.5A
Conductor Ratings and Cross-Sectional Area for Remote Contact Signal Terminals 60/75℃ Msx. 1.5mm⊃2;/14AWG Solid/Flexible
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Dimensions and Main Drawings




2p surge protector (1)2p surge protector (3)2p surge protector (4)2p surge protector (6)2p surge protector (7)2p surge protector (8)2p surge protector (9)2p-surge protector (10)







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