A-Z about massage chair cushions

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When you go to malls, invariably you will find a place selling massage chair cushions. These cushions make you feel so relaxed and comfortable. It helps reduce your aches, pains, tiredness and fatigue.

Massage chair cushions are not all built alike. Different ones target different areas. There are some of these cushions which have shiatsu features where there is the rolling and kneading action. Some offer heat features along with the massage. There are others which allow you to control the intensity of the massage as well as a thermostat to control the heat levels.


These massage cushions are a great boon to those who have problems with their shoulders, neck or back. These cushions have spot massage options and some even come with automatic shut off features. This prevents you from overworking your muscles.

Massage chair pads are not only cheaper than massage chairs, they are easier to install as they need to be strapped on to any chair. This takes a couple of seconds at the most. These cushions are moveable and so you can get a good massage even when you are on the couch or on your favorite chair. You can even strap these on to your driver’s seat so you can get a massage while you are driving. This is especially useful on long drives.

Some of the things you need to ensure when buying these massage cushions is to ensure that it not only is a vibrating cushion but a massage one. You should not get one that is too intense but one that gives a soft rolling motion which soothes muscles and does not aggravate the pain. You should also ensure that these massagers reach the shoulder, neck as well as the lower back areas. You would especially need to test these massagers if you are too tall or too short.



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