Bowie knives in history

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If you have a bowie knife for sale you will find that there are a number of people who will want to purchase it from you. The reason is that bowie knives have been popularized in books, in movies, on Television as well as online games. These are synonymous with hunting, killing of game and for survival.

Infact, these have been part of books even by Mark Twain, Charles Dickens. It was mentioned in the novel Count Dracula and others as well. The Rambo movie series also increased the popularity of these knives as also the Call of Duty games.

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Some students of arms feel that you can make a bowie knife out of any sheath knife as long as it has a clipped point. Others say that it can be any of the large knives and it does not depend on the shape of the knife.  Others feel that any knife which was created between the 1830s and the 1900s can qualify as bowie knives. Yet, a collector will only bid and purchase a bowie knife for sale if it is a vintage knife which has a clip point blade.

The bowie knife for sale started after the famous sandbar fight. This initially started as a duel but then it ended with a huge brawl in which one opponent was killed and another badly wounded by James Bowie. As a result of this fight the weapon used by James got to be known as a Bowie knife. Infact news of this brawl and the consequences of it even reached Great Britain though it took place in Mississippi and that too as early as 1827.

Bowie knives ever since have never gone out of style and are always used by  people serious about hunting and those who want to prove their skills in the wild.


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